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Book a Princess

Book from our talent roster of princesses and let them host your child’s birthday party for an interactive and magical experience for all. Your princess will attend the party and absolutely dazzle your guests. She will lead the birthday star and friends into fun, imaginative and hilarious games with sing along and have giveaway prizes. The princesses will end the festivities with the birthday child’s royal ceremony, where the birthday boy/girl will receive a special gift as well as a personalized birthday certificate.

Please note extra charges may apply for large groups over 15 as well as travel fees based on KMs from performers location.

While Minikinz Entertainment will always try to provide the actor of your choice, Minikinz is at liberty to have another actor sub in due to an emergency or unforeseen circumstance. All of Minikinz performers have the same training and we work at making every event as special as possible.

Our Princesses

Snow Princess

A magical and classical princess that will dazzle all your little guests. We can’t wait to bring our Snow White Princess to your party for stories about her adventures with the 7 dwarfs, accompanied with singing dancing games and more!

Island Princess

Adventurous and daring are just some of the traits that the island princess exudes when you’re in her presence. Give your kids a taste of the island culture with songs and activities that will keep certainly keep them entertained.

Punzie Princess

Oh the fun there is to be had with this spunky princess! Bright and full of energy, our punzie princess will be sure to keep your group engaged with her adventures and games!

Wonder Warrior

It’s time to enter into the Amazonian World of fun, excitement, courage, adventure and challenges! This interactive package involves the brave story of how Wonder Woman came to be and is filled with interactive games, prize giveaways, superhero training, birthday song, a keepsake gift and much more!

Doll Character

Let’s get dolled up! Looking for a glam package for any age group that also offers interactive fun? Have our beautiful doll  join your party to glam up your guests with a variety of beauty fun, interactive games, dancing, live music, prize giveaways and more!”

Mermaid Princess

It’s time to enter the wonder and magic of your mermaid princess adventure! Have our mermaid princess lead the group in an interactive story on how she was once part of the merfolk world under the sea and then transformed into a human with legs! Your Princess will have under the sea games, prize giveaways, singing, dancing and more!

Fairy Princess

Get ready for the great adventures with our Tinker Fairy! Our little fairy will engage the group in an interactive story on how she met the famous Peter Pan and all the magical adventures they shared! She will sing some of her favourite songs, lead interactive games, dance with the group, provide prize give aways, offer pixie dust glitter tattoos, and end the hour with a fairy princess crowning ceremony where your little one will be crowned as an official fairy princess!

Character Impersonations

Let’s bring impersonations to you with our favourite characters! Let us know the theme and we will do our best to find a great impersonator for your little one’s special event!

Island Duo

Let’s get ready for a tropical party filled with Island Adventure! Your performers, Princess Moana and demigod Maui of the wind and sea, will lead the group in an amazing story adventure on how the pair restored the ancient heart of Te Fiti and all the friends they met along the way. Both characters will perform their favourite songs, dance with the group, lead interactive games, provide prize giveaways and munch more.

The Ice Queen

Let our Ice Queen make your child’s birthday one to remember, or better yet, why not invite both sisters for the Frozen fun? The graceful and dazzling Ice Queen will create memorable magic with songs, games, takeaways and more!

The Snow Princess

Surprise your kids with a surprise guest — The Snow Princess! Let the Snow Princess transform your party into a magical and memorable experience. Complete with songs, activities and many surprises.

Elsa & Anna Frozen Adventure

Queen Elsa and Princess Anna are ready to bring the Frozen magic to your next party or special event! These beautiful and loveable sisters will lead your party group in an interactive story on how the sisters saved the town of Arendale and all the friends they met a lot the way. Your performers will sing their favourite frozen songs live, dance with the group, lead interactive games, provide prize give aways, can incorporate birthday song in time as well as photographs with guests, and end the hour with a crowning ceremony where your little princess will be crowned an official princess by taking a princess vow, being awarded a keepsake glitter tiara, or modern princess headband, as well as a beautiful personalized princess certificate. An amazing hour adventure for amazing lifetime memories

Unicorn Princess

Get ready for a magical unicorn princess party that comes right to your door! Have our magical unicorn princess, Princess Gemma, share her magical story on unicorn  powers and about all her magical unicorn friends living in the Forever Forest! Princess Gemma will lead the group in her favourite unicorn games, offer prize give aways and more!

The Arabian Princess

The striking Arabic beauty, Princess of Agrabah. The princess will lead your party in singing, stories, scavenger hunts, belly dance, and temporary/mock henna tattoos. Your princess will share her story of how she met the adventurous Aladdin, the Magical Carpet, the amazing Genie, and how remaining true to one’s self is always the most important lesson of all.

The Beauty

Dazzle your little one and all the royal guests with the graceful and timeless magic of Princess Belle. The elegant princess will lead your party with some of the favourite  activities, share her journey of how she came to be a princess, tell stories and remind guests the importance of never judging a book by its cover.

Princess Elena

Introduce your kids to the  princess of the kingdom of Avalor. With the heart and mind of a true leader, she will sing, dance and teach your kids about the values of being honest, just and caring.


So you’ve booked your princess and invites are sent and you’re ready for your party. — but something is missing. How about adding a mascot to your cast? A mascot is a great complement to your princess party. It can be difficult for one princess to give every party goer the attention and interaction they want and having a mascot helps to balance that out. The mascot works alongside the princess to keep every child engaged and involved.