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  • Dance Party

    Time to get active! Let’s turn up the volume and dance, dance, dance! Our certified Zumba instructors can’t wait to get the whole party up, moving, and grooving!

Get Your Party Moving

What better way to ease your conscience about feeding your kids unhealthy amounts of pizza, chips, cakes and processed sugars at the party, than by hiring someone to make them burn it off all at once! Our dance instructors are exactly what you need to get the party up and moving! Our certified Minikinz dance package is recommended for large spaces only with a party of 10 – 20 kids.

Your Zumba instructor will promptly arrive to the event venue where she will lead your party guests in fun, energetic and easy to follow choreography featuring all of today’s best hits, taking everyone around the world with international songs and dance styles! Be prepared to take lots of videos and photos of your little ones dancing, jumping, laughing, getting silly, dandy and groovy!

Our instructors provide all the music, choreography, and USB chord and will hook this up to a provided sound system. If you do not have a sound system at this location please contact your Minikinz agent as soon as possible and we will do our best to arrange a sound system depending on the size of the venue and location.

We offer three types of dance parties!

Zumbini Party

Ideal for ages 1-4, enjoy a full 45 minutes of non-stop fun! Designed for toddlers and young children, this adorable package will have all the little party guests dancing, wiggling playing games and giggling. Our Minikinz certified Zumbini Instructor will lead the group in kid-friendly songs, themes, games, and fun! Why not have this unique, interactive program that will have all the guests joining in! Contact a Minikinz agent today to send in song requests for your Zumbini package!

Zumba Kids

Great for ages 5 – 10, this is one hour of international songs and dances for your birthday star and all their friends. This package includes easy to follow dance choreography, interactive games, prize giveaways and more! A great package for energetic kids who love to move and play! Contact a Minikinz agent today to send in song requests for your Zumba Kids package!

Zumba Teens

This is great kids aged 10 – 18! Having trouble deciding what to do for your pre-teens and teens? Why not incorporate a dance party with all the newest hits and dance styles? This interactive 60 minute package will have everyone on their feet looking like dance stars! And what’s a Zumba Teen Party without selfies? Your Minikinz Zumba Teacher will take selfies with the group and provide a photograph for everyone to take home. Contact a Minikinz agent today to send in any song requests for your Zumba Teen package!