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Choose a Party

First things first. What kind of party would you like to have? Currently, we offer Princesses parties, Candy & Canvases Paint Parties, Magic Acts, Illusionists, Superheroes, Glitter Tattoos and Dance and Game Parties! While each package is unique, they are all custom tailored and a guaranteed blast. Give us a call and let us know which package you are interested in and your Minikinz agent can give you an accurate quote for the date and time provided.

Now What?

Once you’ve selected your party, it’s time to confirm your booking. There are three things to note about finalizing your bookings at with Minikinz

I. Booking Request

Give us a call at (416) 418-8059 or e-mail us at, and let us know the date, time, location and party package request!

II. Booking Review

A Minikinz agent will review your party request and will contact your requested performer for the date, time, location and package request. Once confirmation has been received, a Minikinz agent will phone or e-mail back with further information on availability.

III. Booking Confirmed

Once party details have been confirmed, you may e-transfer your party total upon booking. Paying in full upon booking gives Minikinz clients ease of mind with our courtesy cancellation option! Prefer to leave a non-refundable deposit? Let your Minikinz agent know.

Day of Event

Here are a few things to consider on the day of your event.


On the day of the event your Minikinz performer will phone the number you have provided and notify you upon arrival. Please have a parking spot available for your Minikinz performer, or information on to where they can park. If free parking is unavailable it is up to the hosts to pay for performer parking.

For Dance and Game Parties

Dance and Games parties are intended for larger spaces and typically accommodate up to a 25 children (large fees may apply for groups over 15). Your Minikinz dance instructor will come with live music, a microphone system, games and props! 

For Princess Party

Our Princesses, though very interactive, may need to sit for different games and story-telling portions of the event so we ask that you provide a chair for each princess you book and a small table nearby for performer props.

Art Party

Whether it’s painting or arts & crafts, it’s important to have a space big enough for your artist. For painting, the artist needs space to set up each child’s individual paints, canvases and paint brushes. For arts & craft, each child should have a chair and table space that is comfortable for creating and where supplies are readily available and reachable for every child. Having access to a trash and running water is also important.


If your performer has created an exceptional performance and experience for your kids and you wish to leave a cash gratuity, please do so. We do ask however that this is done in private and away from the kids. Minikinz performers are professionals and staying in character is vital.


If a case arises where a performer is unable to reach an event because of an emergency, a full refund will be done on the order. There may also be times when things come up and you may be forced to cancel a previously approved booking. In such cases, when paying in full upon booking, a full refund will always be issued if the party date is more than 72 hours away when needing to cancel. Non-refundable deposits can be applied to future bookings as a credit, granted a Minikinz performer is available for your next party date and time. For more information on cancellation policies, please view our FAQ’s page.

  • Full Payment Booking Offers –
    Change of Date
  • No Fee
  • Full Payment Booking Offers if Cancelling Within 72 Hours Event
  • 90% Refund
  • Full Payment Booking Offers –
    Within 48 Hours Event
  • 50% Refund
  • Full Payment Booking Offers –
    Within 24 Hours Event
  • No Refund

We are constantly offering deals and adding new services. Stay in the loop!