Minikinz - A Family Entertainment Company

Dance Party

What better way to ease your conscience about feeding your kids unhealthy amounts of pizza, chips, cakes and processed sugars at the party, than by hiring someone to make them burn it off all at once! Yay health!

Our certified dance instructors absolutely LOVE bringing energy and fun to your little star’s birthday party with easy to follow choreography for all ages to today’s best hits, international songs and, of course, any song requests the birthday star may have. Dance Zumba Parties are best for larger spaces with a sound system and parties up to 25 kids. For Zumba for larger parties please contact a Minkinz Agent.

Learn Moves

Let’s take a trip around the world through dance! International songs and dance moves will have your party buzzing with excitement and fun!

Get Active

Minikinz believes in encouraging youth to get active and have fun with it! Get ready for a fun, silly, and outrageously energetic party that will have everyone up on their feet and moving. Zumba dance encourages youth of all ages to express themselves through dance, learn cultured songs and styles, while being engaged, moving and energetic!

Play Games

Kids love to play and be moving, so why not combine the two? Our certified dance instructors are ready to get everyone up on their feet and even have some fun dance games with some awesome prize giveaways!

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