How Did We Get Here?

Nothing is as fulfilling as doing what you love — even more so when it’s your job. This is the situation that I find myself in today and I couldn’t be more thankful. Less than a year ago, I took the leap from employee to employer and launched Minikinz. My goal was to combine my passion for acting with my love for kids and Minikinz is the result of that pursuit.

As much as I’m tempted to romanticize the journey of starting a business, I must say it isn’t so. Starting a business was something that I was longing to do but also required a lot of learning, sacrifices, and experiencing new and unforeseen challenges. But when I look back at where I started, I am blown away with how far I’ve come and how much Minikinz has grown.

At the onset, Minikinz specialized in throwing princess parties but the company quickly evolved into a full-service family entertainment company. Today, we provide a full spectrum of entertainment services for families including magic acts with workshops, Superheros, Zumba parties, Art parties and much more.

In the past year, I’ve done over 100 parties and my personal favorite are the princess parties. There seems to be a misguided consensus that anyone can dress up, put a wig on and entertain a bunch of kids- but it is so much more than that. It requires many hours of studying each princess. How they look act and sound. It takes practice to master their mannerisms, personality, and how they interact with others. It requires hours of preparing content, learning songs, making games and personalizing each party to cater to the child’s unique likes, interests, and personalities. So while an actual party may only last 60-minutes, the preparation leading up to a party can take hours.

As a princess, I can say I have encountered many interesting and humorous interactions. I have been peed on, thrown up on, had my Ariel bikini seashells full blown grabbed on. I have been sucker punched in a mascot costume by a questionably strong 3 year old, have had my wig pulled off, a shoe was stolen (that’s right – just the one), and have been asked how mermaids make babies… all the while I was forced to stay in character and handle each challenge accordingly.

The ultimate reward however, is seeing the eyes of girls and boys magically light up when their favorite character walks into the room. It is something so wonderful and endearing, and although it sometimes leaves me exhausted, it is what I truly love. The sheer look of delight on those little faces inspires me to greater things as I continue in this amazing adventure of owning and running this company and it helps me strive to be great at what I do every day.

Minikinz has some other great entertainment packages such as Candy and Canvases, where we take the concept of art and candy and have our talented artist create a unique design based on the personality and likes of the child. The artist leads the group in an easy to follow art class all in the comfort of your own home.


Zumba parties are also really popular and available for every age group! It’s a great way for parents to feel less guilty after giving their children copious amounts of candy, processed sugar, and pizza. Our certified Zumba instructor creates easy to follow dance steps choreographed to today’s best music hits. Everyone has a blast and it helps burn all those sugar calories, not to mention providing some great video opportunities of the group showing off all their dance moves (that you can strategically store up for bribing purposes later on in your child’s future).

We also offer a Superheroes package which is very unique since we use an illusionist. So unlike what you’re likely used to, our superheroes actually perform tricks that will baffle your kids.

As you can see, our offering runs the gamut and there’s so much more. One recent addition that’s been growing in popularity is our Paint Night In, which targets the parents and our mothers absolutely love it. Similar to our Candy and Canvases package, we offer you an affordable night in, where an artist leads the group in a fun and easy to follow art class. We provide all the materials and you can enjoy having a glass of wine with your favourite friends from the comfort of your own home!

At Minikinz, our professional roster of local talented performers, dancers, actors and actresses offer a wide variety of different skills but all have the same passion – the love of the arts, the love of creative expression and love for kids.

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